About Cogent Group

CMK Group

Cogent Audit Systems works within the CMK Group of companies. Cogent Audit Systems was founded within Cogent Business Solutions before becoming it’s own company in 1999. Moreover, in recent years, strategic partnerships have been formed with Murumal and Kapani, with both companies focused on providing Indigenous workforce development services. There are many complimentary services and opportunities between the group of companies.

Cogent Business Solutions

Cogent is a management consulting company based in Canberra, with a network of specialist consultants around Australia. Cogent has over 20 years of experience providing effective solutions to clients from industry, community organisations and government agencies across Australia. Cogent’s core services include:

  • Risk and Governance
  • Fraud and Corruption Control
  • Security
  • Investigations and Reviews
  • Procurement and Contracts
  • Project and Program Management
  • ICT and Digital Services


Murumal specialises in Indigenous business and community capacity building, employment and training and provides a range of services across the business, government and community sectors.  Murumal’s belief statement is “To recognise and promote the unique place and contribution our Indigenous people can make. Murumal believes in a positive Australian future that is achieved by integrating and respecting the contribution of all Australians.”

Murumal is committed to promote and enhance Indigenous participation in all sectors of employment. We work with organisations and individual job seekers to help close the gap and create meaningful employment opportunities.   Services to achieve this include: Employee Screening; Recruitment; Pre-Employment Training; Cultural Awareness Workshops; and Community Engagement.

Murumal also offers a range of business consulting services to help organisations tackle current challenges and are committed to effective project outcomes. We encourage and support innovative thinking. Murumal provide Australia-wide coverage and draws upon an extensive base of specialist consultants to provide specialist expertise. Our team is dedicated to technical and business excellence. We design innovative and cost-effective solutions to achieve project objectives.

Kapani Warrior

The Warrior program is an anger inoculation program for men between the age of 18-30. This program uses intensive behaviour modification techniques in real world settings. The program uses an operant conditioning model where male participants are exposed to stressors in a contained environment and coached through the psychological management of their own emotional de-escalation.

The program was developed to address the high levels of Domestic Violence within indigenous communities. The program aims to work directly with male perpetrators of Domestic Violence, individuals at risk of perpetrating Domestic Violence, individuals with histories or violence and aggression against other individuals and property. The program acknowledges the high rate of incarceration of indigenous men within the justice system, and aims to provide a program that attacks the antecedents to incarceration, in particular aggression, alcohol abuse, trauma and poor impulse control.