Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions about Cogent Audit System’s CAS software. If there are still questions that you have after reading this, please get in contact with our team. 

Yes, contact us and we will arrange a product demo.

  • Client and Cogent Audit Systems (CAS) discuss CAS4 upgrade and CAS provide a proposal
  • Client approve and sign the proposal, and organise payment for invoice
  • Client decide on how to setup database tree. You can either use your existing one from CAS3 or take the opportunity to start fresh (we can import a fresh tree for you)
  • Our team will import or transfer the tree as required and work with you to setup the finer details. We will then implement these details as discussed
  • CAS4 apps are installed onto your devices
  • Client to update links from CAS3 to CAS4 on your computers
  • Client to provide users with necessary information to use CAS4
  • Client start auditing again with CAS4

Ensure sure your database tree is up to date and register your interest by sending an email to us

We recommend sticking to well-known device brands with:

  • Android – 5 or above
  • RAM – 2GB or more 
  • Processor – 1.2 Ghz or higher 
  • Battery Life – this will depend on how long your staff audit in a session. 

There are a few options for the audits on CAS3. We suggest bringing across the previous 12 months of audits. However, we can bring across all the previous audit across or you can also start fresh if desired. If you chose not to bring across all your audits, these will be archived and can be made available later.

We’ve simplified the report generation page to give you more options and control around how information can be reported. There is a helpful table in the Help – FAQ section of the Web Interface. Click here to see

Yes, audits can now be completed on the Audit section of the web Interface from any device while it’s online (Google Chrome browser recommended)

We’ve removed the delete function and brought in the Archive function, giving you more control over your tree and data.

CAS3 will continue to be updated and improved to keep up with new software and avoid potential bugs in ageing devices, as well as to keep up with the latest security practices and standards. CAS3 will be available until January 2020 which will give you plenty of time to make the transition to CAS4.

It’s becoming increasingly common for Infectious Control/ Prevention Departments to implement UV auditing.  We believe that this is an excellent way to promote collaboration between Environmental and the Infectious Control Prevention areas of the hospital.   This will enable you to lead discussions and implement a system that will work with your current technology.

We don’t provide any equipment as this is outside our scope of expertise. Speak to your currently supplier about available UV auditing equipment. If you’re having trouble, we can provide a couple of suggestions to follow up.

There is an extensive list of Help videos on the Help page of the Web Interface. We also have a range of separate training which can be organised:

  • Internal Auditing (including Standards & CAS4 Familiarisation)
  • Understanding the Standards and Auditing (designed for floor staff) 

Contact us for more information

We love to get feedback and suggestions for improving CAS. Please send an email or give us a call with your suggestion.

We’re always happy to help. Clients can contact our friendly help desk support team from Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm (excluding public holidays).

Stay connected with the latest developments and news by following the ‘Cogent Audit Systems’ Facebook page

You can join our exclusive Facebook Group where we discuss cleaning compliance, CAS4 changes and share tips about auditing. You can ask your questions on here or help answer questions from other members.  We hope to encourage and enable collaboration between people in the community. It’s intended as a platform to share ideas and help each other solve problems we come across.

We’ll also be facilitating some discussion on a regular basis. You can join the group which is linked to the Cogent Audit Systems Facebook page.

We were looking for something as the auditing assistant! A friendly animal that can represent CAS and provide a strategic view through the reporting suite. We’ve found CAS the Giraffe has what it takes to be the Cogent Audit Systems mascot.


If you have further questions, please contact us via email or phone.