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  • December 1st, 2017

CAS APP reporting interface










If you click on the Generate Report Tab on the CAS3 Web Interface you can generate the following reports:

  • CR1 – Audits Review and Rooms List
  • CR2 – Audit Score Sheets
  • CR3 – Audit Scores Summary
  • CR4 – Audit Scores Summary Graph
  • CR5 – Rectification Reports
  • CR6 – Functional Area Average Scores Graph
  • CR7 – Elements Average Scores Graph
  • CR9 – Floor Average Scores Graph
  • CR12 – Functional Area Monthly Average Scores Graph
  • CR13 – Building Monthly Average Score Graph

You can also choose to report by Building, Floor or Functional Areas for any date range there is data.

Each Newsletter we will feature a report and suggest how it can help your organisation. In the meantime, if you have reporting access, please go into the Web Interface and have a look.

CR1 – Audit Review and Rooms List

This is an Excel File with two distinct sheets.

Sheet 1 shows a summary of risk categories, including rooms count and a summary of all functional areas by building. Highlighted cells are percentages which fall below the Cleaning Standards threshold.  This a great report to print before month end to ensure that you are on track.


Sheet 2 shows a rooms list with risk categories, the last and previous audit dates and the audit scores. Highlighted cells are audit scores which fall below the AQL and audit dates outside of the selected date range of the report.  This can help to explain why Risk Areas are under the required threshold of the standard; which rooms have or haven’t been audited (including when the room was last audited or if it has been audited at all).



If you have something to tell us and don’t want to wait for the survey please feel free to contact us.   We love hearing from our clients.   Over the years, we have made changes to CAS3 based on feedback from our clients and are committed to continue making improvements!

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