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What is CAS?

Cogent Audit Systems was founded in 1999 after the introduction of the Victorian health standards and is a market leader in reporting cleaning standards through audit software. CAS4 builds on our reputation and experience as a provider of user-friendly compliance audit systems and third-party audit services. CAS4 is compliant with the requirements under the Victorian and National standards. It is easily adaptable to a wide variety of applications and requirements across industries.


CAS4 Software

CAS4 is essential for environment services and facilities managers to understand the quality of cleaning and if it meets organisational objectives and requirements. CAS4 is a web-based application and is also available for Android and Apple devices. CAS4 is easy to use and provides a comprehensive suite of reports on various aspects of cleaning compliance and performance.

Auditor Training

In-house training and refresher training is available separately and can be tailored to your organisation's need. Modules include: internal auditing; the standards; and CAS4 familiarisation. Trainers will also customise their delivery on the day depending on the participants to suit auditors and/or supervisor and also management.

Third Party Auditing

Cogent has deep experience conducting external audits against cleaning standards since 2000, when the Victorian Cleaning Standards for health facilities were first introduced. The Victorian Department of Health mandates compliance with the standards for all Victorian Health Facilities and our auditing team possesses the experience and skills to deliver the highest level of service.

Be confident in your cleaning systems and quality

Cogent Audit Systems provides easy to use and effective cleaning auditing software that can be customised to suit your industry requirements.   

About Us

Cogent Audit Systems (CAS) was founded in 1999 to give organisations an easy and effective way to track and evaluate their own cleaning audit programs.

Twenty years later, coupled with our experienced and dedicated third party auditing team, we continue to supply auditing systems and solutions to a range of industries including health, aged care, transportation and education.

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