CAS4 Reports

A key strength of Cogent’s CAS4 auditing software is its flexible and comprehensive reporting suite.

All reports can be produced at any level – organisation, building, floor, functional area, room, etc. And they can be produced anywhere as you need them. 

The list of reports has grown over time and currently includes:

  • Setup Report 
  • Audit Review and Room Lists 
  • Audit Scores Summary 
  • Audit Score Sheets 
  • Rectification Checklists 
  • Average Score Report 
  • Monthly Average Score Reports 

Non-compliance is easily identified either by the Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) line on graphs or being highlighted on the reports.

Reports are available on desktop, tablet or mobile devices and can be generated as pdfs.

Sample reports

Contact us for a sample booklet so you can review the comprehensive suite of reports. 

Click to see full reports and explanation

CAS4 reports on different devices